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There is no context or explanation for the headline. Lohan has had big, juicy knockers for all of her adult life. AFAIK they're natural, not implants.

LOL no she hasn't. Addiction is brain wiring not boob job related. LOL

She hardly had any boobs. No, they aren't natural, by any means. AND the boob job must be recent.

I am addicted to bib boobs!!

They are absolutely real boobs. Her boobs have been luscious since she became an adult -- go back and watch Mean Girls. They hang perfectly and are soft, with great, naturally full cleavage -- not the bulbous and hard-sloped cleavage indicative of fake boobs. anyone who thinks her boobs are fake needs to go look at some chicks with fake boobs, and how shapeless those boobs are.

Those look real to me. See how they sag in the white swimsuit photo. Real for sure. Go sway jealous haters.

The photo in the white bathing suit was from a few years ago, before surgery. She's had implants done twice now and this last set are much too big for her body size. They look stiff and fake.

those are amazing
that doctor is a god

They are 100% FAKE. #1LOOK AT THEM. #2 my friend's cousin was her personal assistant when she was doing all her Disney movies. #3 she went to my High School. They are FAKE.

She has a MAN body. NO HIPS or WAIST! A woman has an hourglass sorry! Small waist, hips...her body is fucking revolting along with those freckled thighs

Not sure about breast implants, but convinced she's had a silicone brain implant.

I think maybe they are saying that having a boob job would mean using pain killers during recovery. Therefore saying that her boobs caused her to take drugs for pain and hence her drug problem.

her boobs are totally real, it's very obvious... and it's also obvious that many people hate her and go with the "boob job" crap. Relax guys, she's all natural.

she needs a ass job more than a boob job

For the record, they are fake. A few years ago she disappeared from the public for a couple weeks and when she reappeared for a premier she was significantly "chestier". During the same premier, the shoulder of her dress slipped off exposing one of her breasts. She was not wearing a bra and the scar around her nipple and post-surgery swelling were pretty clear indications of a recent augmentation. She did not notice and the paparazzi happily snapped away until her publicist corrected the wardrobe malfunction. If you Google for the images, they should not be too hard to find. She was wearing a red dress that appeared to be silk.

I have 32DDD and im 130 pounds my boobs dont sag. I think her boobs are real

Are you freaking kidding me! She got breast implants?!?! Her rack was already pretty big, so weird. This girl is clearly delusional and effed up.

I wanna lick 'em. :)

Female here. I had 2 breast jobs. Believe me, they are fake. Nothing wrong with that. The bottom picture is a few years ago. Plus, you can tell her face has aged since then.

She had them done and yeah, the doctor did a great job! the look so natural! anyone knows the name of the doctor lol?

The t i t s are very real. Who gets a t i t job and ends up with saggy milk bags?

Stupid. Does not even make sense.

Interesting, only pictures and a headline... would be nice if they would have explained WHY they possibly thought that.

Well OF COURSE a not proven boobjob is the reason of her drug addiction..duh.. and my nose is the root of my internet celebrity gossip board addiction problem..and Donald Trumps hairpiece is the reason for his financial success..and Michaels Jacksons supposed vitiligo obviously was the reason for him buying a monkey and a whale at some point. Duh.

I have dated Lindsay a few years ago and I promise you they are real !!!;)and this is the truth weather you believe it or not she has always had big full breasts

narrow ass bitch needs to grow some hips and look like a woman, not a lepar with fake tits and a double coke bloat chin.

forget her boobs.she's just a druggy and an alchy.untold number of women have had some work done on their chests and they don't act and react like one has nothing to do with the other.

most of y'all sound like you fall in two categories. You'r gay or you'r jealous haters chicks, the girl has had big fine boobs for ever. OK so she has become a a skank but a skank with great boobs.



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