Luxury design for your home: celebrity living

One of the fascinations of watching our favorite TV shows is seeing how celebrities actually live in their own homes. The homes’ various styles and themes are fascinating to us because they’re part of the celebrity package and we’d love to be able to achieve the same effect ourselves. This can sometimes be easier said than done, but here are a few tips that are easy to implement.

Be dramatic
Many of us are timid when it comes to color in our homes, but injecting some drama into your scheme can often give your home that brash, unabashed celebrity look. Younger rock stars and starlets, for example, love to push the boundaries here, and celebs in general tend to push their design styles to the limit. Nicky Hilton’s LA home, for example, is colored entirely in black and white. So don’t play it safe but just trust yourself and go for it. Paint your plantation shutters bright yellow if that’s what you want!

Be personal
Big music stars such as Coldplay and Lady Gaga are not shy when it comes to expressing themselves. Like them, fill your home with items that have personal meaning and significance for you, regardless of styles and themes. You might for instance, if you love Sting, have a ten-foot photo of him above the sofa. Whatever you’ve won, whether they’re a few high school baseball trophies or multiple Emmy awards, flaunt them, even if only as bookends.

Use travel items
As most celebs tend to travel more than most of us, they often like to decorate their homes in the style of places they’ve stayed and with souvenirs from their travels. When you do some travelling, be sure to pick up ideas from your hotel’s décor just like the celebrities do. A few well-placed African masks will certainly give your home a touch of the star quality.

Have a dressing room
In many celebrity homes, you’ll come across a relatively small room with a large closet section. Functional storage space is something celebrities prize highly, to keep their numerous outfits neat, organized and easily accessible. Incorporate mirrors and good lighting and make sure there’s lots of room for shoes and you’ll feel like a star whenever you enter it.

Don’t forget to party
A stylish bar area is an absolute must. You can set it up in your TV lounge or kitchen and be sure to arrange all the bottles neatly—from shortest to tallest. The idea is to have everything in place for a party at a moment’s notice.

Set up a home theatre
Every celebrity worthy of the name has his or her own home theatre, with comfy seating and a big screen. You can adapt an existing spare room or have an extension built for it, and all of the kit is readily available from high street outlets or online. The idea behind setting up a home theatre is that you’ll never again have to struggle through crowded streets to get to see your favorite movies and TV celebs in all their glory.

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