12 Facts about an Unloved Trump’s Daughter – Tiffany

Tiffany Trump is the youngest daughter of a world famous billionaire and 45th US president. Tiffany is the fourth child for Donald. While for Marla she is the first and the only child. This pretty blond girl has a glamorous life and a stunning Instagram.  She is called “an unloved Trump’s daughter” and “a family’s outsider”. Well, let’s consider the reasons then… So, what do we know about Tiffany?

# 1
When Tiffany was born, Trump cut the umbilical cord all by himself. She was born in St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida on October 13, 1993. Her father was present during the whole process of birth. Once the baby came to this world, the doctor told Trump to cut the umbilical cord and explained that it was a magical moment. Donald was hesitation, although the doctor managed to convince him, explaining that it will hurt neither Marla nor Tiffany. All in all, Trump did cut the umbilical cord. He smiled to his newly-born daughter and said: “Welcome to the world, Tiffany!”. Trump was crazy about his little girl; he was holding her in his hands all the time and even used to take her to some business meetings.

# 2
She was named after a famous jewelry store Tiffany & Co. By the way, this very store is the beloved store of Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany's.” Well, it seems to be a worthy name for the daughter of a billionaire! As a child, Tiffany Trump did not communicate with his father much. It would seem that after such a touching beginning, Tiffany should have become his favorite child, but the destiny played differently.

# 3
When Tiffany was five years old, her parents got divorced. Both the mother and the daughter moved to Los Angeles and left Trump in New York. Tiffany saw his father only once a year when he came for two weeks to his manner in Florida. In fact, Marla brought up Tiffany on her own, though Trump supported her financially. Bears certain similarity to Ukraine, doesn’t it? Though, Ukrainian men do not even support their Ukrainian women financially after divorces. In her interviews, Marla Maples used to say that she was a single mother. As an adult, Tiffany moved to New York in order to get to know her father better.

# 4
Tiffany Trump keeps all her school reports. Her father used to write down some pleasant comments on her school reports. So it is not weird that they are so precious to Tiffany. Tiffany Trump graduated the same school her father, brother Don and sister Ivanka did. The University of Pennsylvania became an Alma mater for Tiffany, as well as for senior members of her family. She studied sociology and urbanism there.

# 5
The girl’s best friend is her Mom. Tiffany says her friends believe it is incredible that she and her mother are so close. Girls love spending time together. They often walk together, post their shared photos in Instagram and relax together at the resorts.

# 6
Donald Trump is less proud of Tiffany than of his other children. On a TV show, Donald Trump said: “I am very proud of my children - Don, Ivanka, Eric, and to a lesser degree of Tiffany, because she has just graduated from college. But she is amazing” Apparently, the younger daughter will have to make an effort to go up to the level where her older brothers and sisters stand.

# 7
Tiffany Trump backed away from his father when he tried to kiss her. After the unsuccessful debates with Hillary Clinton, Trump wanted to kiss his younger daughter, but she winced at him. The episode was filmed on camera and sparked a massive political and public outcry. Journalists are still wondering what happened then. Did the father offend his daughter? Was she shy? Or did it happen by chance?

# 8
Speaking at the Republican convention, surprisingly Tiffany gave a moving speech about his father. She noted that his commitment to excellence was viral and that he could pass his talent to other people. She also mentioned that her father was friendly, attentive and fun.

# 9
Tiffany Trump makes friendship with people of the same social level only.  There are no ordinary people among her friends and acquaintances. How do you like this company: Tiffany, Kira Kennedy (daughter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.), Greek Princess Olympia, Paris Hilton's brother, the sons of the model Stephanie Seymour. Young people hang out on expensive yachts, sunbathe on the most luxurious beaches and get everything they want! However, Trump provides Tiffany with more than enough money. Well, considering her Instagram, her life is luxurious.

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