October 2017

Pregnancy is a gift as new life takes form and comes into the world with a whole new journey ahead of it. The total nine months journey is segregated into 3 trimesters for the ease of setting and tracking fetus developmental milestones, and also giving medical care accordingly.

First Trimester: is a delicate phase where new life is just formed and gets itself implanted in the uterine wall. In the beginning, it is just a single cell multiplying at an amazing pace to form a human body. Pregnant women usually come to know that they are pregnant after missing a period and take a pregnancy test to confirm the same. Within the first 3 months, foetus goes through a lot of physical changes growing from a little spot to few centimeters human form with webbed fingers and toes.

Second Trimester: is another crucial stage where all the organs form and grow. By the end of 6 months baby becomes the size of a small pumpkin with all its organs and parts formed. Skin also covers the tiny body. Foetus continues to feed on Placenta through the umbilical cord.

Third Trimester: From 7th month to 9 months or delivery is an exciting phase as all the organs start to function especially kidneys as foetus pees in the womb. It is also believed that foetus starts to feel the emotions that the mother goes through; hence it is important to take little or no stress at all so that baby’s health is not affected.

Please read more here for an in depth understanding of developmental milestones at each trimester. At all stages, pregnant women need to take good care of their health by eating healthy and balanced food, take timely medical help, eat supplements to meet the growing needs of the baby, sleep for good number of hours and take plenty of fluids.

Post delivery, feeding your newborn becomes the most important task as the baby needs milk to survive for the coming 6 months. Feeding newborn baby at regular intervals is essential to ensure that it is getting all the required nutrients and also does not dehydrate. Newborn baby’s organs especially digestive system and eyes still develop at least in the first six months; hence they completely depend on milk. Mothers need to take good care in feeding their babies with required amount of breast milk until the babies feel full.

In the first six months after delivery, newborn babies may demand cluster feeding which is nothing but frequent feeding sessions with very less time between feeds. These sessions may last few hours to couple of days before they get back to their normal routine of 2-3 hours interval between the feeds. Mothers need to be on healthy diet and eat at regular intervals to meet increasing breast milk needs of their newborns.

Belgian model Jade Lagardere is the cover star of Maxim Magazine's November 2017 edition, and bares it all for the shoot.

The 27 year old raven-haired model is seen in skimpy ensembles, posing topless, concealing her curves with strategic posing.

Jade wears clothing that highlight her ample curves and toned body, and the model also bares plenty of underboob and sideboob for the shoot.

Highlighting her sexuality and oozing off sex appeal and style, Jade drips off style, and is a saucy vision for the shoot.

Tallia Storm shows off nipples in sheer top at 19th birthday party

Scottish singer Tallia Storm celebrated her 19th birthday party, and arrived scantilly dressed to the event at London's Bunga Bunga Restaurant.

The songstress went braless in a clinging lace T-shirt paired with a thigh-skimming Miu Miu denim mini skirt and a teal velvet jacket.

Tallia let her nipples free, and added a pair of quirky white platforms to her ensemble, adding height to her frame.

Letting her perky assets take center stage. Tallia also opted for a coiffed wavy hairdo and a glamorous makeup.

Tallia also wore dangling statement earrings with her look, and was all smiles on her birthday.

Tallia Storm shows off nipples in sheer top at 19th birthday party

Julianne Moore covers InStyle October 2017

Instyle brings scintillating Hollywood diva Julianne Moore to its October 2017 issue cover page. She looks absolutely fabulous in a Balenciaga bright yellow knitwear with nude makeup and long waves perfectly framing her face, for the cover. The 56 year old Oscar winning actress sports different hair styles from pixie cut to long blonde curls for the Instyle story.

The glamorous fashion girl adorns a Michael Kors' glittering blouse and sarong topped with Eddie Borgo stretch earrings for one shot, while pulls off a work look in blue Givenchy shirt glammed up with nude makeup and cherry red lips that flashes a cheerful smile for another.

Moore says aging is a natural process and enjoys every bit as it unfolds. She looks sensuous in black Dolce & Gabbana bustier sleeveless top and skirt styled with blonde loose curls, dark nail color and gorgeous wedding band for one rather saucy shot.

Here is a sneak peek into the photoshoot:

Julianne Moore covers InStyle October 2017

Julianne Moore covers InStyle October 2017

Julianne Moore covers InStyle October 2017

Julianne Moore covers InStyle October 2017

Julianne Moore covers InStyle October 2017

Julianne Moore covers InStyle October 2017

British socialite and model Tamara Ecclestone, was spotted out and about on a beach in Dubai, with her adorable toddler.

The 33 year old showed off her curves in a Melissa Odabash lemon yellow bikini, while her three year old daughter sported a cute orange swimsuit.

Tamara, the Formula One heiress, also wore a chic pair of designer sunglasses, while her daughter wore pink-framed sunnies and also wore a multi-coloured necklace.

Highlighting her narrow waist and taut derriere, the mother of one, sizzled as she put her tanned and glowing body on show, and won at beach fashion.

Portuguese model Sara Sampaio is the cover star of French publication Lui Magazine's Fall 2017 edition, and brings forth claims that her nipple-exposing cover was published without her consent.

The Victoria's Secret Angel, 27, is seen on the cover of the men's magazine clad in a white pair of bikini bottoms with a fur coat casually slung off her shoulders, and a slight wardrobe malfunction.

Sara took to social media network Instagram, and is a series of posts tells the story, claiming workplace abuse, that she throughout the shoot pressurised into posing nude, though her contract has a no-nudity clause.

Photographed by the noted photographer David Bellemere, Sara does go topless for the shoot, and also exposes her breasts in sheer ensembles, however claims that the French magazine agreed not to publish those images.

Sara shares in the post that she was 'aggressively pressured' throughout the shoot, and her accidental exposures were assured not to be published, but she was lied to.

The model also writes that in the past too she, along with many other models have been bullied by stylists or photographers to pose nude, and when refusing the demands, they were labelled as difficult.

Feeling 'violated, mistreated and disrespected', Sara says that she will pursue legal action against the publication, and pleads to women and models not to let be abused or let them get into doing something they are not comfortable with.

Kim Kardashian on Vogue Mexico Cover Page for Fall Beauty Looks

Small screen and social media fame Kim Kardashian steals Vogue Mexico cover page spot for this winter. Kim amuses fans with her sensuous smokey eyes and nude makeup look. Fashion designer Claudia Valdez, makeup artist Rob Scheppy and hair stylist Nabil Harlow bring the best of Kim to the prestigious fashion magazine story.

She looks stunning in her topless pose styled with wet hair, smokey eyes and subtle Cartier jewelry. Her red-hot style with cherry red lips and matching nail color gives a seducing feel to it.

Kim looks fab in Michael Costello blouse and hair tied in white towel. Guy Aroch camera worked wonders on the Instagram celebrity with her photoshoot.

Few clicks of Kim Kardashian from the shoot:

Padma Lakshmi, Priyanka Chopra and Natalia Vodianova on Vogue India October 2017 Cover

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra graces the cover of Vogue India's Anniversary Issue along with Russian model Natalia Vodianova and 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi.

The ladies for the cover wears stylish all-black looks with a red backdrop, while Natalia gets into Indian dresses for her solo shoot.

Priyanka, former Miss World, who is currently ruling Hollywood, features in glamorous ensembles for her solo photoshoot feature.

The tall and dusky artist is photographed by Mark Seliger, and styled by fashion editor Anaita Shroff Adajania in stylish gowns.

Priyanka, who spends her time in India and the USA, is seen in the gowns of Brandon Maxwell and Mugler for the shoot, and is picture perfect for the shoot.

Actress Priyanka Chopra poses in Mugler one-shoulder dress

Priyanka Chopra wears Brandon Maxwell dress and Elie Saab heels

Ed Sheeran breaks arm after being hit by a car in London

Ed Sheeran who recently swept the world of music lovers with his hit track “The Shape of You” injures his arm in a bicycle accident. He is scheduled to mesmerise his followers on December 1st and 8th shows as part of Jingle Ball concert series in California.

The 26 year old music celebrity posts a snapshot of his bandage wrapped hand  with a caption "Please stay tuned for further news. Ed x" on Instagram and leaves a message to all his fans saying "I've had a bit of a bicycle accident and I'm currently waiting on some medical advice, which may affect some of my upcoming shows” with no specific information on which shows from his planned global tour expected to be affected by this incident.

Ed shared the first picture of his broken arm

A lot of men are dating younger women. That means a lot of women have a thing for older man. However, difference in age cannot be ignored. Older men need a certain approach to succeed with younger women. It won’t hurt to you to look through some of the tips for dating younger women. Read the following guide to know how to make it right dating a woman that is younger than you. 

Age Difference
First of all, you need to know when age difference matters and when it’s not. In general, it appears that age difference that is less than 7-9 years should not be qualified as age difference at all. Therefore, continue reading only if your requirements fit the provided frame.

No Patronizing
Younger women hate it when older men they’re dating act in a patronizing way. Older men dating younger women are often patronizing. First of all, this is predictable. Then, it is not even an original mistake to make. Older men just can’t help but doing it. Therefore, make your best to avoid this very common problem. Patronizing shows a woman that you don’t think of her as an equal. It undermines your relationship and creates tension. Moreover, such thing is called “agism”. It is when a person makes conclusions about other people based on their age. Honestly, people can be smart or stupid and nice or bad at any age. That is because age does not define a person’s individuality. It’s especially obvious in dating online, when looks come after the brain.

Keep Up with Her
Men dating younger women need to know how to keep up with them. Younger women are, naturally, more active and energetic. They like going to places and doing things. You may pretty easily look older with her in the background because her behavior might contrast that of yours. Therefore, try not to get tired. Improve your lifestyle and acquire some healthy habits. Visit gym, try a diet and avoid stress. Remember that you’re a man and that you’re naturally stronger. It will help you to compensate for your age.

Be Interested in Her Activities
Typically, people of different age have different activities. And mutual activities are very important. No healthy relationship can survive without them. Share her activities. You will most certainly be rewarded for it. Moreover, you may very possibly become interested in the things you share. That way you will eventually become sincere in your interest, especially doing it side by side with a woman you like. Often people think they don’t like something until they try.

Work Out
Guys dating younger women need to work out to look younger than they are. Sport activities can significantly improve your looks. And your appearance matters because you’re dating a younger woman. Therefore, you can’t afford being lazy or careless. Even without some incredible results the fact that you’re working out will make your woman feel better. She will definitely understand that you’re doing it for her. And she will love you more for it.

All women like talking. Older men might find young women’s 24/7 desire to talk a little difficult to bear. There’s nothing you can do, though. She might talk less with some time but until then you should communicate with her. You will build up trust and understanding in the process. So, it’s not just bad. Talking allows couples to share their thoughts and interests, reveal intentions, and ask for advice. Men are naturally more closed up than women. Men don’t really like to share. Women, on the other hand, need to share. Make your best to be somebody with whom your woman can have a nice conversation.

To achieve success with a younger woman, talk with her, work out, and don’t patronize her. Ge difference doesn’t matter when it comes to love. Good luck!


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