Natalie Portman goes sheer for the Lucy in the Sky TIFF premiere

A-list actress Natalie Portman was seen at the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of her new movie Lucy In The Sky. The 38 year old was wearing a gorgeous black gown from the Dior 2019 Fall Couture Collection, which featured a lace bodice with a one-shoulder detail along with a bustier top that was visible through the netted overlay.

The beautiful dress had lace details all over it with tassels on the hem, and Natalie, who is also a Dior ambassador, had her hair middle parted and styled in a slick bun. The Oscar winner actress concluded her look with dramatic makeup including smouldering winged eyes and a nude pink lip for the red carpet event, and also wore diamond studs in her ears.

Natalie Portman stuns in sheer black lace gown at the TIFF premiere of Lucy in the Sky

Natalie Portman in Dior Couture at the “Lucy in the Sky” Premiere

Natalie Portman in Dior Couture at the “Lucy in the Sky” Premiere

Bella Thorne goes backless and braless for the Oldenburg Film Festival

American actress Bella Thorne arrived in style with her boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo at the Oldengburg Film Festival held in Germany. The 21 year old was clad in a slinky silver metallic mini dress by Raisa Vanessa. The stunning dress featured a glittering belt around her neck which went down the back and also had sequined detailing over it.

Braless and backless, Bella styled her look with an array of jewellery including a sparkling wristwatch, a pair of dazzling earrings and a pair of strappy black heels. The 'Shake It Up' star accentuated her beautiful features with minimal glowing makeup, and put on ample skin and curves on show for the event.

Bella Thorne wows in a glitzy backless mini as she cosies up to beau Benjamin Mascolo at Oldenburg Film Festival

Elsa Hosk flaunts bandeau bra at the Boohoo NYFW bash

Swedish model Elsa Hosk looked sensational as she attended the Boohoo bash held during the ongoing NYFW. The 30 year old was wearing a sheer polka dot top by the fashion label which featured trendy puffed sleeves, and underneath it she wore a strapless bra. Styled with the sheer top was a pair of black leather shorts which showed off her toned and lean legs.

Elsa had her platinum locks down to her shoulders and a pair of strappy white stilettos was also worn by her. The Victoria's Secret Angel completed her look with bronzed makeup along with a nude lip for the event, and also had a small black purse to go.

Sammi Rae Murciano & Los Vegas Release Second Single 'Baby Baila'

After the success of their debut song “Escapate”, the emerging reggaeton superstars Sammi Rae & Los Vegas are at it again; this time with a dance track that would make even the shyest wallflower move and shake to the beat - entitled “Baby Baila”, available right now on all the major services.

Listen to Baby Baila here: https://song.link/i/1474977186

Sammi Rae has been getting heavy praise from audiences nationwide for her strong and soulful voice. Concurrently, Los Vegas has been turning heads with his enigmatic persona on stage and the magnetic vibe to his flow. Together they form a dynamic duo to be reckoned with.

Their second single "Baby Baila" urges the listener to get up and dance - which is exactly what this bouncy, sexy track does; it's impossible not to at least tap along to the beat as the sultry vocals of Sammi Rae seduce you into a world of endless dance floor possibilities.

Their original collaboration ESCAPATE brought to life the sentimental romance often featured in Reggaetón hits with an energetically pumping backbeat and laid-back flow that made it a club hit. Trading lyrics like “If I leave with you, I want to be there with you through the night // I want to feel your arms around me, hold me tight // Your body next to mine, you make me feel so high” with Los Vegas, and the refrain “Never mind what anybody says, I just want to dance the night away, I just want to know if we can escape”,

On working with Los Vegas, Sammi says “It has been amazing to work together. To collaborate with someone who has the same passion and dedication for music as I do. We are very excited for what’s to come and have a lot of new music coming soon.”

Many performances are planned for this Fall, check social media for full details!

For More Information on Sammi Rae & Los Vegas VISIT:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sammiraeandlosvegas
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sammiraeandlosvegas


The 13th Annual NYC Greek Film Festival is happening October 17th - 23rd and this year's schedule includes some of the best greek infused short and feature-length independent films from around the world, as well as several fantastic films not associated with greek culture, being shown at the historic Florence Gould Hall (FIAF) located at 55 East 59th St, NYC www.fiaf.org

WATCH THE TRAILER FOR THE FESTIVAL HERE: https://vimeo.com/356283597

Opening night kicks off Thursday, October 17th with the opening ceremony and the unveiling of the digital exhibition “The Legend of Alexander the Great as Ancient Greek and Byzantine Legacy” at FIAF Gallery, followed by the screening of the film “In This Land Nobody Knew How to Cry” and a reception at the Tinker Auditorium. The digital exhibition will run until Sunday, Oct. 20th.

“This year, apart from the Greek features, documentaries and shorts, the festival launches a new section with international productions of Greek interest -meaning films with Greek elements no matter the country of their origin. Furthermore, a purely international section of short films from all over the world will be introduced, at the online edition of NYCGRFF only.” said NYC Greek Film Festival Executive Director Maria Tzompanaki.

The festival also has the honor of presenting, in collaboration with notable Greek archeologists and in world premiere, a digital exhibition of listings from the sublime history of the world’s greatest Greek of all times: Alexander the Great. An expo already sheltered at the Greek Institute of Venice. In the 14th century, Alexios Komninos, the emperor of Trabzon, commissions a manuscript with Alexander the Great’ s recounting of events for his private library. Compiled by the era’s most able copyists, the manuscript is also enriched with 250 miniatures narrating the entire life course of the magnificent warrior. The main goal of this unique initiative is to showcase the Macedonian ruler who spread the Greek spirit and the Greek culture throughout the then known world, to portray the man who was loved and honored like no other Greek. Within this context, an exhibition of Alexander the Great-themed engravings, carved by important artists from “XOTARIS” Gallery, will also take place.

NYC Greek Film Festival closes its 13th year on Wednesday, October 23rd at the Florence Gould Hall Theater with the closing ceremony followed by the concert “Greek Female New Yorkers Perform Songs from Greek Composers” presented by Maro Theodoraki. Reception to follow at Le Skyroom.

Some of the films of special note being shown throughout the fest include Still River, Pause, The Mountain Tears, Nia on Vacation, The Waiter, Marble Homeland, Clementine and A Tree Remembers.

The Waiter and Nia on Vacation are specifically targeted to younger audiences and students. Sports fans will most enjoy Akra and Crete Arising, religion-oriented people will like Filothei, the Jewish community will want to see Romaniotes and the aforementioned A Tree Remembers and history buffs will love The New Greek Americans. Exarcheia, The Campfire Project and We Are Not Together will appeal to an audience with a strong social conscience; and older viewers will relate to In this Land Nobody Learned to Cry, Epiphany, Still River and Pause.

Past attendees to the festival include actors/actresses/writers/directors such as George Kimoulis, a famous Greek personality in theater and cinema,  among others. This year there is a special tribute to Nickos Perakis, an internationally known Greek director, who will be in attendance. In addition, this year’s festival has also organized a special tribute to the female gender, and more precisely to the topics of Women’s Abuse in modern society.

Additionally, most of the NYC Greek Film Festival film lineup are accompanied by Q & Answer sessions with cast and celebrity guests. Learn more about festival activities at www.nycgreekfilmfestival.com

For Media Requests, Please Contact Rick Eberle at: RICK@RICKEBERLEAGENCY.COM OR 516-729-6872



Florence Gould Hall Theater

followed by the screening of the film: IN THIS LAND NOBODY KNEW HOW TO CRY (90’)



Florence Gould Hall Theater
12:45 PM In this land nobody knew how to cry (90’) (R)
3:15 PM Marble Homeland (57’)
5:15 PM Akra (52’)
7:00 PM Still river (133’)

Tinker Auditorium
2:00 PM The Campfire Project (58’) (international Greek-related doc feat.)
4:15 PM Clementine (85’) (international Greek-related feature)
7:00 PM Loaf + camouflage (99’) (Tribute to Nikos Perakis’ comedies)


Florence Gould Hall Theater
12:30 PM Philothei, the Athenian saint (58’)
2:15 PM Akra (52’) (R)
4:00 PM Still river (133’) (R)
7:15 PM Pause (96’)

Followed by Q&A with the director and discussion on women’s abuse

Tinker Auditorium
11:00 AM Promakhos (91’) (special screening)
1:30 PM Marble Homeland (57’) (R)
3:30 PM Short Films Α (159’)*
6:45 PM Short Films Β (161’)*


Florence Gould Hall Theater
10:30 AM Philothei, the Athenian saint (58’) (R)
12:30 PM A tree remembers (88’)
2:45 PM Romaniotes, The Greek Jews of Ioannina (67’)
5:00 PM Living dangerously (105’) (Tribute to Nikos Perakis’ comedies)
7:30 PM The mountain tears (111’)

Tinker Auditorium
12:45 PM Short Films Α (159’)* (R)
4:00 PM Short Films Β (161’)* (R)
7:15 PM Pause (96’) ®


Florence Gould Hall Theater
12:30 PM Exarheia, the chanting of birds (74’) (int. Greek-related doc feat.)
2:30 PM The mountain tears (111’) (R)
5:30 PM Crete arising (58’)
7:30 PM The waiter (104’)

Tinker Auditorium
2:00 PM A tree remembers (88’) (R)
5:00 PM Romaniotes, The Greek Jews of Ioannina (67’) (R)
7:00 PM Epiphany (85’) (int. Greek-related feature)


Florence Gould Hall Theater
1:00 PM We are not together (68’) (int. Greek-related doc feature)
3:00 PM The waiter (104’) (R)
5:30 PM Sirens in the Aegean (115’)(Tribute to Nikos Perakis’ comedies)
8:00 PM The new Greek Americans (70’) (int. Greek-related doc feature)

Tinker Auditorium
2:30 PM Crete arising (58’) (R)
4:30 PM International with Greek element shorts program (76’) **

Followed by the screening of the awarded international short film at the online festival

7:00 PM Nia on vacation (88’) (int. Greek-related feature)


Florence Gould Hall Theater






(10 movies, 159’)
Avanos (20’)
Ave Eva (13’)
Canaries (17’)
Crossing (5’)
Ιncidentally (15’)
Third Kind (32’)
Goldfish (14’)
Spring (10’)
Fourth Wall (10’)
Portraits (23’)

(10 movies, 161’)
Grief (A place none of us know until we reach it) (8’)
Rita (21’)
Patision Avenue (13’)
Springtime Rest (15’)
Roots (27’)
The Silence of the Dying Fish (19’)
Plain Truth (9’)
Pharmakos (14’)
Cloud (20’)
Blessings and vows (15’)

A selection of the finest Greek-related short films from the recent international production (6 movies 75’)
The Story of Yannis (15’)
Chopper (9’)
Sombra City (10’)
The Island Man (20’)
Nostos (5’)
Calling (16’)

More About the NYC Greek Film Festival:
NYCGRFF is based in New York City, USA. The festival opened in 2007 as a showcase of new and older Greek film productions. It introduced the New York Greek audience to Greek filmmakers and their works. The public embraced Greek cinema with enthusiasm and the festival gained many supporters and followers. After a steady and successful course, beginning in 2018, the New York City Greek Film Festival has broadened its content, functions and activities to include an international meeting platform which welcomes cinematographers from around the world.

Our program now includes:International Competition Program for films with a Greek element – fiction and documentaries, both short and feature length – judged during the festival with awards in two categories: best feature film (fiction or documentary) and best short film (fiction or documentary)

International Competition Program for short films – judged online before the festival. The best film is awarded a screening during the festival.

Greek film Program with Audience Awards (by vote), and monetary prizes in all four categories: best feature film (fiction), best documentary, best short film and best new director

Special tributes for great Greek films of all time and tributes for exceptional Greek filmmakers. Opportunities for international cooperation between Greek and international filmmakers at a technical and artistic level. Parallel events of cultural and educational nature that serve to promote Greek culture and world cinema. The purpose of the Festival is the presentation of Greek cinema to the New York audience. Entertainment and education of the public on the occasion of cinematographic art, with screenings of films, organization of artistic events of all arts, seminars and discussions. Creating and presenting tributes to cinema creators, artists – actors – musicians – costumers – critics – technicians – script writers and their work. Seminars and open discussions between artists and audiences

Our goals are the communication of Greek cinema to international and Greek audiences, the education and entertainment of the public, the communication of Greek Culture in the city of New York, but also in other states of the USA, in any part of the world, through cultural and educational activities, either in the time frame of the films or at regular intervals throughout the year. Either alone or in cooperation with another cultural entity. The organization and development of all cinematic art activities in Greece and abroad, working with artistic and other actors in Greece, New York and abroad. To carry out either on his own or in collaboration with third parties, the recording and reproduction of all kinds of events in sound and image as well as in the publication of books, magazines and publications. Annual Regular Grant from Institutions, Private Sponsors, Revenue from Tickets from Electronic Advertising or any other form. In cooperation with Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce (HACC).

William Ragsdale of 'Fright Night' Stars in New Psychological Thriller 'When We Dance The Music Dies'

Moviegoers with a passion for psychological thrillers will welcome the return of “Fright Night” star William Ragsdale in director Anthony de Lioncourt’s new film, “When We Dance the Music Dies,” which takes moviegoers along on a riveting ride that will have them questioning the very nature of reality. Those film lovers are in for a special treat, if they also happen to share de Lioncourt’s nostalgic fondness for the 1980s horror classic, ”Fright Night!”

Watch the trailer on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/279179477

The new film features William Ragsdale, the star of that 1985 movie, in his return to the thriller genre that first brought him widespread fame. Eric Roberts also brings his intensity to this new film, following performances that have earned him three Golden Globe Award nominations (“King of the Gypsies,” “Star 80,” and “Runaway Train”) and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor (“Runaway Train”) during his long and celebrated career. Rounding out the lead cast is Catherine Mary Stewart, who also developed a large and dedicated following thanks to her work in two 1980s films that took moviegoers into the unknown – “The Last Starfighter” and “Night of the Comet.”

For screener or to coordinate interviews and media coverage, 
CONTACT: Rick@rickeberleagency.com or call 516-729-6872



In writing the screenplay for “When We Dance the Music Dies,” Anthony de Lioncourt builds on the reality-distorting psychological themes that he featured in his two previous indie films, and he says he was inspired by a mysterious recent incident in the news that seemed to blur the line between reality and the supernatural. The story of the frantic search of a father [Tom Walton, portrayed by William Ragsdale] or his college-age daughter [Audrey Walton, portrayed by Theresa Moriarty], who vanishes under mysterious experiences – and the twists and turns of his journey leads him to question his own sanity. The curious events portrayed in the film are inspired by a true story that captivated de Lioncourt – the odd circumstances surrounding the disappearance and tragic death of a young woman by the name of Elisa Lam.

As detectives worked to learn what had happened to the young woman, they found surveillance video of Ms. Lam acting bizarrely in an elevator in a Los Angeles hotel. When they saw that she had pressed every button in the elevator, in an apparently haphazard pattern, investigators found that Ms. Lam and her friends were engaged in an activity known as “The Elevator Game” – an urban myth that originated in Asia and South Korea which promised those who played the game that they could “access an alternate dimension” by pressing the buttons in an elevator in the “correct” sequence, and exiting on a particular floor. Ultimately, Ms. Lam’s body was found in the water tower atop that Los Angeles hotel, and the way that she met her demise is still unclear.

In “When We Dance the Music Dies,” the young woman’s father’s investigation leads him to an eccentric cult leader [Clayton Riggs, the cult leader, portrayed by Eric Roberts] who has persuaded the members of his group that they all originated from “another dimension,” and – through their leader – they could “return there.” Tom Walton’s desperation is shared by his wife Helen [portrayed by Catherine Mary Stewart] as his search takes one unexpected turn after another.

Filmgoers who give themselves to this psychological journey as the story unfolds, are in the hands of a master director who has long been fascinated by how a “tenuous grasp of reality” can be captured on film. Just as he was inspired by the strange disappearance of Elisa Lam, Anthony de Lioncourt is also intrigued by recent work in the scientific community that suggests there is “binary code” in the universe. (In other words, the “reality” we are experiencing may not be the “only” reality. Yes, we may soon be entering “The Matrix!”)

As those who have enjoyed de Lioncourt’s first two films — “The Protokon” (2015) and “Thorns for Flowers” (2016) – can attest, there is a “psychedelic side” to his work, as the director describes it. He says he is fascinated by the way our memories distort reality and the way the line between dreams and our waking state is always a bit blurred. Like iconic directors in the history of cinema like Akira Kurosawa and Alain Resnais have explored in their classic films, the nature of reality is much more subjective than we might like to believe, and this is an important theme in “When We Dance the Music Dies.”

For this new film, de Lioncourt has “worn many hats” – not only as writer and director, but also as cinematographer and soundtrack composer. One major source of joy in being a filmmaker, he says, has been the opportunity to visualize communicate a character’s state of mind. “Because I direct and also do the cinematography,” he says, “I get to really set the mood and the tone and the atmosphere. I feel that’s really important, especially with this story, because it has its supernatural aspects as well as a strong dramatic tension.”

“When We Dance the Music Dies” also marks the third film that de Lioncourt has directed in partnership with Mark Mattson, who served as executive producer on this project. The duo began working together when Mattson served first as de Lioncourt’s model for some scary photos. When they began collaborating on their first feature-length film, “The Protokon” – Mattson was once again cast as the killer. Despite a tight budget, the warm reception to that film, and to their follow-up effort (also a psychological thriller), paved the way for their third film, the first one produced with a SAG cast and union-sanctioned crew.

American actress Ariel Winter looked beautiful at the 11th Annual Burbank International Film Festival held in California. The 21 year old was clad in a stylish long sleeved dress which hugged her figure, and also had horizontal laced details on the front which showed off her cleavage.

The Modern Family star had her black tresses middle parted and down to her shoulders, and a pair of chic black sandal heels were also worn by her. Ariel completed her look with bronzed makeup along with a nude pink lip for the event.

Hailey Bieber shows off her toned abs as she goes retro in purple while stepping out for NYFW

Hailey Rhode Bieber, wife of famous singer Justin Bieber, was seen out and about in New York. The 22 year old was sporting a chic and modish look, was wearing a elegant cropped purple blouse which featured ruffled sleeves and a white leafy print all over it along with the pair of matching high waisted flared pants, which also had the same print over it.

Hailey had her blonde locks styled in slick bun and added a pair of white stilettos by Christian Louboutin to her look. The lithe model completed her sophisticated look with a small purple leather bag and looked incredible.

Hailey Bieber flaunts toned abs out and about in New York City

Paris and Nicky Hilton arrive at the PrettyLittleThing x Saweetie NYFW Show

American socialite Paris Hilton was seen at PrettyLittleThing × Saweetie show at NYFW. The 37 year old business woman was clad in a snakeskin mini dress by the fashion label. Keeping with the dazzling and stunning look she was an impressive sight. Paris had her blonde hair styled in a high ponytail and wore a pair of chic black ankle boots. She added some sparkle to her look with a pair of diamond earrings and wore a pair of oversized cat eye styled sunglasses. The Nine Lives star concluded her look with rosy and radiant makeup.

Her sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild was also in attendance at the PrettyLittleThing × Saweetie show at the New York Fashion Week. The 35 year old was clad in a sleeveless shiny grey dress which hugged her petite figure. Nicky who is married to James Rothschild, wore a pair of embellished heels and had her hair styled in loose waves down to her shoulders. The mom of two concluded her look with glowing minimal makeup for the event.

Fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni arrived in style at the 2019 Venice Film Festival and showed off more than she bargained for. The influencer who gained massive popularity in a short time, and became rich by selling clothes and flaunting her Instagram-perfect lifestyle, was on the red-carpet for the premiere of a documentary about her rise to global fame and fortune.

The 32 year old, who has 17.2 million followers on Instagram, and even became a Harvard Case Study as her blog The Blonde Salad achieved massive success, faced an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on the red-carpet. Clad in a glittering plunging lace creation in black, the blonde Chiara accidentally let nipple show.

In the 10 years of her successful career, Chiara has come a long way. Known as down-to-earth despite her glamorous lifestyle, the fashion influencer was certainly a star at the Venice Film Festival, and despite her unfortunate wardrobe mishap, Chiara stole the show as her pierced nipple was caught by shutterbugs.

Chiara Ferragni – Nipslip at 'Chiara Ferragni – Unposted' Premiere in Venice

Chiara Ferragni – Nipslip at 'Chiara Ferragni – Unposted' Premiere in Venice

Former Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima was seen at the Be Your Own Muse bash held during the New York Fashion Week. The Brazilian beauty put her sexy cleavage on display in a sophisticated trouser suit, going braless underneath the plunging blazer.

Cutting a glamorous figure, the 38 year old had her black tresses styled in a chic updo and Adriana accessorized her look with a pair of strappy open-toe heels. Lastly she wore bronzed makeup to enhance her beautiful features for the event along with a fierce winged eye and plump nude lip.

Actress Andrea Riseborough stunned at the 2019 Venice Film Festival premiere of TV series ZeroZeroZero. The 37 year old was clad in a revealing blue gown from the Geroges Hobieka Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. The sexy dress featured a plunging neckline and a thigh split which showed off her slender legs, and was also backless with gold chain details.

The Welcome To The Punch star had ample cleavage and skin on show, and had her short blonde locks styled into gorgeous curls. Andrea finished her look with a pair of silver heels and wore a glowing minimal makeup along with a bold red lip.

American actress and model Emily Ratajkowski looked sensational at the Daily Front Row Fashion Media Awards. The 28 year old was clad in a chic crop top which featured ruffled sleeves along with a pair of tiny high waisted shorts. Putting her slender legs and toned abs on display, Emily was a gorgeous sight.

The brunette beauty had her glamorous hair middle parted and down to her shoulders. The 'I Feel Pretty' star finished off her modish look with a pair of strappy heels, a fancy black clutch and her signature makeup including cat eyes and a nude lip.

Portuguese model and actress Sara Sampaio was seen during the New York Fashion Week for the perfume launch of Victoria's Secret Bombshell Intense. The 28 year old was wearing a sexy strappy dress which hugged her statuesque figure. Keeping with the steamy look, she wore a pair of stylish stilettos and had her brunette tresses down to her shoulders.

The lithe model styled her look with an array of jewellery including a bunch of necklaces and a pair of chic earrings. Sara concluded her ensemble with a slick of glamorous makeup along with a bold red lip.

Sofia Richie shows off slender torso at the Abyss by Abby launch in LA

American model Sofia Richie looked gorgeous at the fashion launch of Abyss By Abby held in Los Angeles. The 21 year old was wearing a stunning floor length black dress which had a floral design all over it. Sofia had her blonde tresses styled in a high ponytail, and put her slim figure on show in the flattering ensemble.

Sofia who is currently dating Kourtney Kardashian's ex partner Scott Disick, concluded her look with a stylish pair of gold earrings and an elegant bracelet, and also wore a bronzed makeup for the event.

Madison Beer smoulders strapless at the Abyss by Abby launch in LA

American singer Madison Beer looked sensational at the Abby's fashion launch held in Los Angeles. The 20 year old was clad in a steamy black strapless gown which had a very thigh split. Showing off her sexy legs, Madison was an impressive sight.

Keeping up with the bold look she wore a pair of strappy sandals and had her shiny, straight black tresses down to her shoulders. Madison finished her look with an array of jewellery and wore rosy and radiant makeup for the launch.

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton looked elegant as she was seen with her husband Prince William and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, dropping them on the first day of school. It was the Charlotte's first day at Thomas's Battersea in London, and Kate opted for a floral red patterned dress by Michael Kors, showing off her slim and lean physique.

Kate added a stylish belt to her dress which cinched in her waist, and as for the jewellery she wore a pair of decent earrings. Lastly she wore a pair of navy suede heels by Prada and looked delightful, also showing off newly coloured and cut hair with a blow-dry to charm.

Kate Middleton charms in Michael Kors on Charlotte's first day of school

Kate Middleton Wears Chic Florals While Taking Prince George and Princess Charlotte to Their First Day of School


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