Why We Won't See Wiz Khalifa's Sex Tape

In a time where sex tapes can actually further a star's careers, it's a wonder why someone like Wiz Khalifa or playboy model Carla Howe wouldn't want their tape to hit the market.

Well, according to Gawker, one did, while the other was strictly against the idea. After a filmed romp together in December 2014, Howe tried shopping the tape to big name adult company Vivid Entertainment. As for Khalifa, though, he never wanted the tape to see the light of day.

While we know we won't be getting a peek at the rapper's goods, what's unclear is why the Wiz was so against the film becoming public. As far as we can tell, there are three big theories out there.

Theory One: Wiz Couldn't Give Her the 'D'
One theory says that the reason behind the tape's decent into obscurity wasn't because it too revealing it was because there really wasn't much to see. According to Movie News Guide, the the 27-year-old experienced "performance issues" and the tape highlighted his "poor showing in the bedroom."

It very well could have been an isolated incident for Wiz given his circumstances at the time. He was going through messy divorce proceedings when this all went down, which means he was likely under high levels of stress. And as Adam and Eve explains in their erectile dysfunction guide, stress can be a major player when it comes to ED problems. Other factors include alcohol consumption and lack of sleep, which are of course plausible explanations for his "problem" considering the twosome's strong affinity for partying. But still, even if he has a legitimate excuse for his lack of performance, it's understandable why he wouldn't want it publicized.

Theory Two: It was a C-Y-A Legal Move
It's possible, given his aforementioned divorce, that Wiz felt the negative publicity surrounding a sex tape could hurt his position in the proceedings. Although his ex-wife, model Amber Rose, had filed for divorce in the fall of 2014, it's unclear when the divorce was officially finalized.

Something as lewd as a tape could have been used to against him in court. As The Inquisitr outlines in their article, "California is a no-fault state and infidelity wasn't mentioned in the couples pre-nup agreement it may have some impact when a judge makes a decision about the custody of the couple's son."

Theory Three: He's Shy
Even if the film could have pushed Wiz into the fame and fortune category of the likes of the Kardashian Klan, there's always the possibility that he feels sex is a very private act. Most of us would probably be humiliated if someone posted a video of our most intimate acts for the whole world to see. Somehow, we're less inclined to believe celebrities feel the same, though that's probably because most of their life is put under a microscope anyway.

That being said, it's difficult to believe that someone who regularly raps about screwing women would be so adamantly against a video showing him putting his money where his mouth is so to speak. You know that scene in the movie Splash where Daryl Hannah claims her reasoning for not opening the bathroom door was because she was "shy?" I have a feeling that Wiz's reason for wanting the tape hidden also has nothing to do with a need for privacy. Something tells me he was also trying to hide something of mermaid tail caliber.

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