Here Are 7 Reasons Why Western Men Choose Ukrainian Girls for Marriage

A lot of Westerners want to marry a girl from Ukraine so much, although they’ve never seen a Slavic woman before and didn’t even talk to one. I’d recommend all those, who wish to marry a Ukrainian lady, to get to know them better. What do they want? What kinds of lifestyle do they lead, and what values they pursue? Why are they also looking for love abroad? And what you can expect from your Slavic bride? In order to better understand what you want, I prepared a list of advantages Ukrainian ladies have over their Western counterparts.

1) Beauty
Everyone has their own notion of beauty. For Ukrainians, beautiful girls are those, who have slender figures and “right” facial features. For a Western man, this is probably the one that can’t be called ugly. For them, all Slavic girls are beautiful. After all, only Ukrainian women never leave home without makeup. Besides, they are self-confident, which is also important.

2) Youth
Men in their 40’s or 50’s often look for a much younger woman. Marriages with a 10-15-year age difference are very popular. There’s nothing wrong with that, as the majority of men in Europe or the US look after themselves: they visit the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle. Unlike Ukrainian men, they value their work and stick to their daily regime. That’s why they look so good and feel great. But they expect the same from a Ukrainian wife.

3) Sports figure
Most often, Westerners look at slim and athletic girls. Any woman can look prettier with a tight figure, but it’s not about Western ladies. They have no problems with men’s attention. That’s why after giving birth to a child, some of them gain weight. After all, the kid is already here, so the husband won’t go anywhere. Why torture yourself with diets?

4) Femininity
It’s femininity that attracts Western men so much. Women in the West don’t pay attention to femininity anymore, constantly competing with men. They want to prove that they can be better, and, rising up the career ladder higher and higher, they forget that they are women. Sometimes they remember it when they are no longer able to deliver a child. But they never admit their mistakes and try to show that their independence. Men are tired of this; they want an easy-going and modest woman to create some family comfort and enjoy happiness.

5) The desire to have children
If in addition to his partner’s beauty and youth, a Western man wants to have kids, and he is already over 40, he is unlikely to find someone 5-10 years younger in his home country. The only option is to look for a bride abroad because for Ukrainian girls, a man’s ability to provide for a family is much more important than his age. Women in Europe or the US rarely have a relationship with much older men.

6) Loyalty and care
Who doesn’t want to see a faithful and caring wife next to him? If we meet someone who appreciates, understands, supports, and loves us, we are ready to do the same. The very presence of such a woman in our lives is invaluable, no matter how perfect she is. The notorious Slavic beauty is also not a decisive factor.

7) Love
Every man dreams about respect, trust, and patience. Such things never fade away. Western men know what romantic feelings mean. They want to be loved. Fortunately, for Ukrainian girls, it’s not hard. Men abroad cherish their wives, remain faithful and love them. They never stay at work for too long, rushing home to their loved ones.

Westerners are not as spoiled as Ukrainian guys. They don’t have such a choice of girls like Slavic men, who have already forgotten how to take women seriously. Western men appreciate and cherish all the perks of marrying a Ukrainian girl. They don’t try to change their wives, giving them freedom.

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