Kendall Jenner posts nude Instagram photos

Kendall Jenner posts nude Instagram photos

Kendall Jenner posed nude, sharing two beautiful black and white photos of herself on Instagram with her 87 million followers, but it was her feet that drew attention from the Internet:

The black-and-white photos are absolutely stunning, but people in the comments section just couldn't let her toes go.

“So much money and you can’t fix your feet?” one user commented.
“Is it just me or her foot looks weird?” another added.
“I swear there is something wrong with this woman’s feet,” a third fan wrote.
"Kendall Jenner's new photos are stunning but I can stop staring at her toes that are like 3 inches long???" another added.

Kendall appears naked in the black and white photos, In the first image, Kendall sits on a gorgeous set of stone steps, with her legs crossed and her arm strategically placed across her torso. 

Kendall Jenner posts nude Instagram photos

Kendall also shared another picture  from the photoshoot in black and white. In this shot, she is sitting on a stone table, still strategically crossed and covered. She looks absolutely classic.

Foot problems are common among models because they get to the runway and often must wear shoes of the wrong size.

When should women fix their feet?

First, if you have developed hard skin or corns on the joints or knuckles of your toes. Second, if you have issues with your big toe, like a bump growing out the side or bottom, or if the big toe is ‘bullying’ the other, lesser toes. Lastly, if you are constantly in pain in those areas, stop suffering and see a medical professional.

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