Kendra, Jenna, Vanessa: Girls! Stay #winning financially after the breakup

Hollywood romances -- here today, gone tomorrow. How does a girl go about picking up the pieces and getting back on her financial feet?

For starters, the newly single need to get financially savvy fast -- divorce is one of the top reasons people go bankrupt. The free service Status Money can help. It tracks your daily finances and spending and shows you exactly how much your peers (hellooo, Holly Madison and Ivanka) are spending on shopping, restaurants, rent and how much debt they have. It then flags personalized opportunities for you – so you know that you're #winning and not getting ripped off on credit card fees or mortgage rates when you're already facing a prenup.

The company's CEO, Majd Maksad, advises that you shouldn't wait until your marriage is headed for the tabloids to get your finances in order, you should sign up to get an accurate assessment of your financial life, compared to people just like you. If you separate, Status will help you keep moving forward financially.

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