Top Lingerie Hacks You Need to Know

Lingerie is an essential part of every woman's wardrobe, and no outfit is complete without it.

You may go braless for fun, but lingerie is sexy and flirty, and boosts confidence, and shapes up your outfit well.

While women love to shop for lingerie, it often becomes the most neglected part of their wardrobe.

Here are a few lingerie hacks to remember always - while shopping for lingerie and when keeping it into your wardrobe:

1 - Often a bra fits you perfectly in the cup area but the band feels tight and suffocating. There is a tool for that - bra extenders! These bra extenders work wonders in keeping your cups the same size but extending the waist size, making your bra much more comfortable to wear.

2 - Just like bra extenders serve as life savers for a more comfortable fit, bra strap cushions save your shoulders from being dug into! Pop on a pair of bra strap cushions and keep your shoulders pain free from a bra that fits well but seems to cut into your shoulders.

3 - Seamless panties are your best friend and save you from those embarrassing and awkward panty lines. However, seamless panties are nearly ruined if there is a run on them. Just like you save your stockings from runs and tear with some clear nail polish, using the same hack on seamless panties helps them last longer.

4 - Keep a few staples and basics in your drawers at all times and don't just stick to three pairs. If a size and design is perfect for you, always buy a backup and don't rely on just one single bra or undies. Knix offers an array of chic and comfortable basics that you can choose from.

5 - Just like you invest in the best of lingerie, it is important to wash your lingerie with a skin friendly detergent that does not leave a rash. Harmful detergents can cause skin infections and UTIs and damage your lingerie too.

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