Izzy Escobar Debuts Stunning New Single and Video 'Warrior'

Having Shown Her Bare Vulnerability And Strength In A Message of Solidarity to the #MeToo Movement with Her Last Single “Broken Wings”, Escobar is Unapologetically Empowered in Latest Release.

November, 2018 (Longmeadow, MA) – Following her alignment to the #MeToo movement in a message of transforming hardship into empowerment through music with “Broken Wings” - Singer/Songwriter Izzy Escobar is continuing to break down barriers with her triumphant new single and video “Warrior”!

The new single and video--which sees Escobar bounce from gentle piano playing to explosive dance crew scenes on the streets of Brooklyn--adds a unique visual component to the incredible power of the song itself.

“This song holds such a special place In my heart, and I wrote it to empower all of my fans.” Izzy says. “In this life, people will judge, and people may make you feel like you aren’t good enough, but you are unique and beautiful just as you are. We all face different hardships on a daily basis. However, going through something challenging, whatever it may be, doesn’t make you weak. It makes you a ‘warrior’.”

"I’m standing in a war zone. This is my war song. I feel like a WARRIOR"


Izzy Escobar's music is about loving one another the way we want to be loved ourselves.  And having FUN along the way! Rising from a “never ending circle of violence” from an abusive stepparent, where she was voiceless in protecting her own family members, she began channeling that pain into lyrics--and eventually songs--at a very young age. “I began to write words, and soon realized that I could synchronize the words in my diary with the tune in my head” says the Massachusetts native, whose latest singles show how far she’s come from that frightened girl to a strong, capable woman who wants to spread her message of hope and strength to those who may face their own struggles. “A few years later, as I read through that same songbook, I noticed that I had made a shift from finding my voice to helping those who couldn’t find their own”.

As she continued on her musical journey, Escobar took to not only writing and singing, but reading sheet music and studying music theory, as well as playing the violin, guitar, and piano. “I believe that to be a healthy human being, we must have an idea of who we are, and what our existence is. But the promise of a home safe from physical abuse and fear remains elusive for many millions of women and children in this country. Now an accomplished singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, she continues to channel her strengths into giving a voice to the voiceless, and helping those who face the same fate as she had in her youth.

Now, having just debuted yet another tenacious new single and video with “Warrior”, Izzy Escobar will continue to bring her talents not only as an incredible singer/songwriter but a voice for all those who have overcome struggles of their own.

Get Izzy Escobar’s “Warrior” via iTunes HERE: https://apple.co/2DQtay5
Listin via Spotify HERE: https://spoti.fi/2KiLArp

Get “Broken Wings” via iTunes HERE: https://apple.co/
Listen via Spotify HERE: https://spoti.fi/2LGl6Di

For More Information on Izzy Escobar, VISIT:  www.IzzyEscobar.com


Instagram: @Izzy.Escobar

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