5 Interesting home cosmetics electronics

The quest for beauty which is ageless has fascinated humans for as long as the world has existed. As time goes by, people and organizations have invented different tools which can be used to achieve the beauty they so desire. From the elimination of fine lines, clear skin, non-invasive liposuction, etc, different tools and electronics have been devised just for these purposes. Let’s see some truly interesting electronics.

Lift wand high frequency premium anti-aging device

This tool is perfect for fighting wrinkles and fine lines. It is a perfectly designed tool just for that. It s function is the reduction of puffy eyes, heal bruises, pimples, cold sores and even goes as far as tackling saggy skin and those eye bags that trouble us every day. This device is designed to also strengthen, relax, stimulate and exercise your facial muscles. Had a long day at the office? You can use this device to massage, stimulate and exercise your neck muscles even you get home in addition to reducing double chin, tighten loose skin, reduce cellulite, remove wrinkles, all with the aid of microcurrent that the device uses. This stimulation helps in the rejuvenation of your overall skin complexion, evens out your skin tone, improves the texture of your skin. This versatile device can be used on any area of your body from head to toe that shows any signs of aging. It is safe and simple to use with just 10-15 minutes of treatments and you would notice visible improvements in those problem areas. It comes in four different electrodes depending on the kind of application you would be interested in.

Cavitation Machine

Want that toned, fit body? Then a cavitation machine is just what you need. This is a non-invasive, pain free device that is designed to give you that toned beach body you crave. It uses high frequencies heat plus sound waves that break down fat cells through penetration of your skin. The machine is rubbed on your skin while the heat vibrates that fat cells beneath your skin’s surface. As soon as the fat is released, it crumbles and is removed from the body naturally by the liver through the lymphatic system. The bubbles which are created by the machine work between the fat cells and break down the cells with the pressure it creates. The beauty of this machine is they are incredibly affordable, they do not burn your skin, and they are non-invasive and pain free, all this is plus, it helps in tighten your skin, aid in weight loss, improve overall blood circulation, aid skin elasticity, facial toning and lightening, removal of fine lines, eye bags and wrinkles, reduction of cellulite and best of all, shape your body.


This is a Skin360 and SkinScanner which gives users the opportunity to access every area of their skin with the aid of a magnifying mirror which is attached to your iPhone and also a corresponding product-recommending application. This is a 3D Printed face mask which has been personalized based on the needs of your skins as well as the shape of your face. The 360 lens which is attached to your iPhone enables the mask capture the six different facial zones and scans the skin for details like pore size, moisture level and fine lines. When this is done, the best ingredients which would give you the best beauty treatment are then assigned to the various problem areas within the mask. e.g. your t-zone, your cheeks, your lips. After you have gone through your full skin analysis using the mask, the application attached further reveals a skin care range of products which would be ideal for your beauty treatment.

Supplement Bar Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light ++

Depending on what your skin complexion needs, this device offers five different benefits which you can derive from it. It is designed to help take care of all skin related issues that have plagued you. No matter what that skin issue might be, be it fine lines, acne, wrinkles or even hyperpigmentation, the Bar Optimizer has got you covered. The technology behind this works by emitting LED (light-emitting-diodes) and this is inspired by NASA technology. The light emitted is blue and it is designed to target bacteria which is the main cause of acne while the red light focuses on reducing inflammation and promotion of collagen in your skin. The purple aims at breakouts which can be caused by certain things like hormonal imbalance. It takes care of this problems in a pain free process.

Handmade cleansing brush

With 3D sonic ion technology behind it design, this innovative device’s job is to extract hard to reach impurities which have burrowed deep into your skin pores and have become inaccessible. There is no fear that this would be a painful process because of how deep the brush has to reach to clean out your pores. The opposite is in fact the case here. To avoid irritating your skin, the tools has tapered, ultrafine bristles which have different tips and various lengths designed to effectively dig into your skin painlessly and bring the dirt or grime to the surface. All you need to do after this is, cleanse your face with a great facial cleanser to get that radiant skin you have always wanted.

People used to say ’Beauty is pain’, well, not any longer. These above named devices are designed not just to make your skin glow, shape your body, reduce fat, aid weigh loss, remove fine lines, remove wrinkles, tighten your skin, reduce cellulite, clean your pores etc , they are also designed to do it in a painless, soothing way. With easy to follow instructions and most of them affordable, these cosmetics electronics are the future direction of beauty. You are sure you would be getting the best value for your money when you invest in any of these tools and be well on your way towards achieving that ageless beauty that you have always desired.

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