Differences between Russian and American girls

To compare Russian and American cultures, we have to state that these are complete different worlds. We believe that love is common for all nations, but in fact, different ways of thinking and acting, combined with different goals and preferences in life, make huge effect on the relationship between lovers.

Russian girls always think how they look like. Their pretty appearance is the most important point for their life. They are making make up, hair dress and manicure all the time, even they do not plan to go out. If you ask them what for, they can reply: “For any case…” They always believe that the Knight on the white horse can appear in every moment. Russian girls love fashionable clothes and high-heeled shoes, they talk about versatile procedures how to look better. They study fashion magazines and visit beauty salons all the time. Their natural beauty is always outlined by the pretty appearance and clothes, selected with good taste. No surprise, Russian girls are very willing and attractive for foreign men. Because Russian girls want to get married to fulfill their dreams and become happy, they are more tolerant and patient. Russian ladies are devoted and loyal. To say several words about American girls, they generally do not care so much about their appearances, focusing on their feelings and modern American standards. They want to express freedom and prefer the comfort in wearing clothes first of all. The inner world has more importance for them. First meeting with a man? Most probably, an American girl will appear in jeans, t-shirt and shabby sneakers. Perfume? No, it is better to be clean and have no smell at all.

The Russian view of relationships may seem weird to many foreigners. Russian girls don’t like to tell you about their feelings directly, mainly because of the tradition, when men should be active and make the first step. Russian women are rather reluctant in their relationship. They prefer to use the body language and to drop hints only. Therefore, it takes time to conquer the Russian girl’s heart. Actually, Russian girls get marry in their early twenties and they are usually divorced by their 30 years old. When you meet a Russian girl, she will not mind you to pay for her and she will expect for gifts from you. Despite all differences between Russian and American girls, true feelings make perfect. It can be, Russian women are very unpredictable, but in a good manner, so you never bore with them.

An American girl will most probably treat you rather like an old friend, than a lover. Being much more independent, free, financially self-sufficient, American girls would build the love relationship on the common interests and friendship. Americans may seem very open-minded and sincere, but in reality it can take a very long time to earn an American girl’s trust. You may think you become almost lovers with an American girl, but one day she can disappear suddenly from your life. American women are business-oriented and they are aspiring to the professional success, that’s why they get marry after the age of 30. They are often busy doing her own work, following her own goals and building her career. At present time, American women can usually evaluate the men’s behavior as sexual and aggressive. An American girl can’t appreciate the man’s efforts If he opens the door for her, helps her to take off her coat or helps her to take a seat at a restaurant.

A Russian girl will tend to create a traditional family. Every guy is evaluated by her as a potential husband and father of her children. She will expect the constant financial support from her husband and she will make everything at home. The main life goal of a Russian woman is to build a healthy family. Children are very important for Russian woman, that’s why she can combine taking care of the house with working. In the opposite way, the business career is the priority for American young women. Generally, they are not good housewives and they are not able to cook all days. Spending all their time in the cuisine, it is not for them.

Russian girls usually have strong connections with their families, especially with their mothers. If something goes wrong, be sure, Russian wife will call her mother first of all. Americans are different in this sense and they are used to moving away from families as soon as they start earning money.

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