How to be a Great Matchmaker

I first set up two of my high school friends together and they dated for two years. After that in college I set up a classmate from a friend back home, and they went on to live in together. My third success of being an excellent matchmaker came when I set up my next-door neighbor with a co-worker and they just had a baby girl. With so many fruitful and successful relationships I helped set up, I finally realized that I had all in me that requires to be a great matchmaker.

One of my best traits is that I listen to people and understand well what they are looking for in a person, and my mind just clicks on whom to set up them with. Good communication, focusing on the details and being a people’s person really helps if you are looking to a good matchmaker. Some of the other details I have realized and understood over the years are:

  1. Have a very strong social circle. You really cannot have a thousand friends in this fast-paced life, but connections and ties work really well if you enjoy setting up people together.

  2. Confidence – that is the key to approach people and suggest a person to them to date. You may talk to someone about the weather or the day or even ask their likes and dislikes, but it takes guts to refer a person to them, especially if they are a co-worker or an acquaintance.

  3. Be acquainted with a dating site. A lot of people I know have found great people online and their relationships have been solid and strong. Websites such as WeLoveDates offer ample options to date, and provide a platform where you can meet up with people who match your interests.

  4. Take risks. When it comes to dating you cannot always be goody two shoes. People are not perfect and everyone has quirks. If you know a certain somebody’s silly quirk, do not keep it against them or let it stop you from fixing them with someone. You never know, a quirk in someone may become a point of attraction for somebody.

  5. Keep pictures. Let’s face it, the world is a materialistic place and attraction matters. People always want to be physically attracted to the person they want to date and so it is always a great idea to keep pictures on your phone of the people you are trying to set up. A first date may become a major fail if there is no attraction. On the other hand, respect always comes first, and no body type or skin colour should be the reason a person rejects someone.

  6. Just have fun. Make this your mantra. Have fun at whatever you do. If you really enjoy setting up people together, then just go with the flow and do your thing. Doing what makes you happy also lets you do it well. People also trust those with a happy and bubby personality, and if you take too much stress with all the matchmaking that you do, then you need to relax and take a break. Have a natural knack for matchmaking is the most important part of this job.
Happy matchmaking!

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