Mariah Carey is Up with the New Material after the NYE’s Disaster

The modern pop scene has a limitless potential of bringing out controversies and misconceptions. People are no longer into just good music; we all need stories, gossips, breakdowns. All these things make music material much more attractive. And who can deal with scandals better than the widely acknowledged Queen of Controversy, miss Mariah Carey?

She started her career as a sweet lovable girl. But as the time gone by, Mimi changed her vectors and turned into sexually attractive prima donna of the American pop scene. It’s not a big deal that her behavior and creative solutions have always drawn the attention of the audience regardless of their opinion towards her musicianship. However, her performance in Time Square during New Year’s Eve celebration had all chances to change everyone’s attitude to her art of being her perfect self. What we have seen is that the Elusive Chanteuse didn’t manage to deliver her vocal performance. In fact, it should better be described as a 100% disaster as Carey did not actually sing a single line properly. Moreover, the audience heard that some parts of the songs where pre-recorded, including Mariah’s famous whistle runs in Emotions.  With the help of beautiful Russian girls, we tried to figure out what actually happened and whether it’s going to affect Mimi’s career in any way.

We have heard numerous accusations from both Carey’s production team. Nevertheless, one of them can be verified by video recordings of the performance. We can see that Mariah is trying to understand if her earpiece is working (for those who’s not aware - an in-ear monitor allows performers hear the music and, therefore, sing the right notes; the absence of this ingredient makes singing virtually impossible as the audience and excessively loud on-stage speakers muffle up the music). Carey’s production team (her manager, Stell Bulochnikov, in particular) directs accusations to the organizational team, adding: "We told them [the stage managers] that the in-ears were not working 10 minutes before the performance. They then changed the battery pack, and they were still not working on the frequency four minutes before the show." Mariah herself then says: "I haven’t really addressed the situation that happened on New Year’s Eve, and in time I will. But for now, I want everyone to know that I came to New Year’s Eve in New York in great spirits and was looking forward to a celebratory moment with the world. It’s a shame that we were put into the hands of a production team with technical issues who chose to capitalize on circumstances beyond our control." While those accusations may seem like improper justifications, Carey somehow managed to deal with the consequences. She announced that she would be out of social media and performances for an unknown period. But we all know that Mimi just cannot stay out of the limelight for too long.

Her reality television series Mariah’s World is aired in America, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The first episode gathered more than 2.2 million viewers in the USA only. She’s also recorded a song I Don’t in collaboration with rapper YG. In the recent live stream, Mimi mentioned that she’s more focused on recording singles instead of putting out a solid album. The single has already become a moderate success—but it’s only the beginning. And, obviously, miss Mariah Carey is back on stage with performances all around the world. The New Year’s Eve disaster might have affected her temporarily. But Mariah has been out there for more than 26 years and at this point she’s unstoppable.

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